Willow Marcotte

Willow has been blessed to spend time traveling and experiencing different cultures and styles of yoga and meditation. Her teaching style aims to invite an understanding of the true essence yoga by creating a welcoming and uplifting environment.
As the new owner of Sun Yoga Tampa she will continue to uphold the unity and openness present in the studio. She is delighted to join this beautiful community of devoted yogi's.
Her journey in yoga began while studying Tibetan Buddhism and Meditation in 1996. Having always had an appreciation for philosophy and ancient texts, she found the path of yoga a welcoming, and natural progression of her personal growth. She teaches with a sense of wonder that connects to the yogic lifestyle, by guiding sequences of asana that allow for a student's own experience and growth in their practice. Her yoga studies with leading Iyengar teacher, Karin Stephan compliments her background in Nursing, providing a deeper understanding of anatomy and how the body moves in correlation to yoga.
Her classes range from gentle mediative experiences to traditional Hatha Yoga. Willow incorporates Pranayama techniques that she continues to study with Larissa Carlson. She holds a Restorative Yoga Certification with Nancy MacDonald. She also shares the practice of yoga with children, helping them to develop postures in a fun and imaginative setting.

Willow is currently a 200 hour RYT with yoga alliance and is continuing her studies towards the 500 hour certification. Willow invites students to dive into themselves, embracing balance not only on the mat, but in the yoga of life as well.  <<back

Laura Gushin

Laura has been dedicated to the path of yoga since beginning a meditation practice in 1972 with Brahmananda Sarasvati at Ananda Ashram in New York. She also has a strong background in dance, having taught jazz dance, jazz aerobics and belly dance for many years. In 2000, Laura discovered yoga asana, which blended her love of movement with her meditation practice. She went on to earn her yoga teacher certification from the PranaVinyasa School in 2003. Adisciple of Yogi Amrit Desai of thelineage of Swami Shri Kripalvananda (Babuji), Laura has studied Yin Yoga extensively with Sarah Powers, as well as taking workshops with Paul Grilley and Paulie Zink. She has also studied with Gary Kraftsow, Rodney Yee, Judith Lasater, Tias Little, Cyndy Lee, Angela Farmer, and others. With a teaching style that is warm and welcoming to students at every level, her classes are best described as "meditation in motion", combining flowing postures with deep, long holds to awaken inner awareness.

Laura is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT-500) and Certified Amrit Yoga Therapist  <<back

Richard Olmsted

I have been teaching yoga since 2000. I started studying yoga in 1998. At the time, I was doing a lot of business travel.  I wanted something to do if the hotel had no fitness facility. Yoga was something I could do in a hotel room.

My intention was to learn enough to be able to practice on my own, and to deepen my practice I entered teacher training. I got my first 200 RYT in 2003, from Balance Point Yoga. Then in 2011, I did Anusara Teacher training at Garden of the Heart.  What I teach is a mixture of styles; Anusara, Iyengar, and Ashtanga.  It's an energetic and strong style; though I teach and modify to whoever is in front of me, so my class will vary. Some will have arm balances and inversions others will be more relaxed.

My primary influences are Tony Nenov, (Ashtanga), Jaye Martin, Betsy Dowling  & Desiree Rumbaugh (Anusara) and Karen Stephan,(Iyengar). 

I am currently enrolled in the Lotus Pond, 500 hour teacher training program.  <<back

Deb Fullerton

Deb has been a yoga practitioner for most of her adult life. Over the past few years she began to deepen her practice and as the benefits multiplied so did her devotion to sharing those benefits with others. After leaving a long career in the corporate world she was thrilled to open Sun Yoga Tampa. As Sun Yoga's owner, Deb is committed to making sure every student, regardless of the level of their practice, has a positive and fulfilling experience. She wanted to create a studio that is open and inviting for all types of yogis. Deb especially loves being able to introduce new students to the practice of yoga. "Seeing the look on someone's face after their first class and knowing they are hooked is a great reward."

Having completed 200 hrs of teacher training Deb is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor.Her classes are fun and informative. Deb's journey continues as she learns daily from both her students and instructors.  <<back

Roxanne Welch

Yoga has brought much peace into my life. I teach yoga in order to spread that peace to others.

I first experienced yoga in the 70's while in college. Throughout my adult life I found myself always returning to the practice. Then about 8 years ago my youngest son became a dedicated yogi and encouraged me to pursue the path of yoga teacher training. His love of yoga as a way of life has inspired me and changed our lives.

Yoga has kept me strong and healthy as it can for anyone willing to give it a chance. A friend recently asked me what I do for stress relief. My answer was "I do yoga and I breathe." Om santih santih santih. Om Peace, Peace, Peace. I continue to learn every day and share that joy with others. My training includes Healing Yoga for Cancer Teacher Training; Kripalu Ashtanga Mela with David Swenson, David Williams and Danny Paradise; Women's Healing Retreat with Wah!  <<back

Amy Andersen

Amy is a 300 hr therapeutic yoga teacher (IYT).  Amy is also a masters prepared Nurse Practitioner who took her background to the mat to combine the science of yoga and the intricacies of the brain to the asana/ movement of the body and breath.   Yoga becomes part of alternative healthcare. Training includes: Restorative Yoga; Gentle Yoga; Chair Yoga; Meditation, and yoga for those with osteoporosis back problems, and cancer; Her yoga teaching experience includes private sessions, assisted living, and corporate classes. Her Yoga Flow class is for anyone who has done the basic warrior poses and wants to experience additional movement.  Yoga is about diversity and all are welcome to the class.

.  <<back

Joy Hodges

Joy began her yoga teacher training in 2006 with the Prana Vinyasa School of Yoga at Stillpoint Yoga in Tampa. Greatly inspired by her teachers, Sarasvati Devi and Vaz Rogbeck, Joy pursued her many certifications completing her 200, 500 and 750 hour training. She has also completed 40 hours of Ashtanga certification with Manju Jois and workshops with Manju Jois and David Williams. Joy specializes in teaching an Ashtanga-based flow class inspired by Sara Devi and a gentle body strengthening class for all types including seniors that was inspired by her apprenticeship with Vaz Rogbeck. She honors her teachers' life work with her yoga practice and teaching and invites you to come find the stillpoint within  <<back

Linda Wells

Although a newly certified Yoga teacher, having completed her 200hr certification with Sun Yoga Tampa, she has been teaching as a certified Jazzercise instructor for over 25 years. She came to yoga several years ago to help heal from a hip injury. As her body healed and her practice developed she came to love the whole mind body experience she gained from yoga. A life-long student Linda pursued deepening her knowledge with teacher training and now seeks to share that knowledge and experience with her students. With a Masters of Science degree she is also a speech/language pathologist specializing in the area of pediatric language development. So, whether leading a Jazzercise class, guiding a group of yogis on their mats or helping children with learning disabilities, she brings her own zest for life to helping others with their journey.  <<back

Laia Bové Imhoff

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Laia found yoga while travelling around the world with Disney on Ice as a professional figure skater. After her first class she fell in love with it! Laia began to do some research and practice regularly and immediately felt a difference in her body and mind.

Laia took a short training with RYT-500 Nichi Green in the UK, and began to incorporate a few yoga basics to her off-ice training classes for skaters. She also began to teach Vinyasa, Power, and Slow Flow classes. She finished her Vinyasa and Hatha 200h Yoga Teacher Training with E-RYT 500 Claire Santos in Miami, FL, and is now a Registered 200 RYT with Yoga Alliance. Since then she has been teaching people of all ages and backgrounds also including specialty classes for figure skaters and other athletes, and people with spinal cord injuries.